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from our President

For almost 92 years, we at GCA have taken care of the products and goods entrusted to us by our industrial customers along the full lenght of the supply chain.

Every day, our trained and experienced staff protect, store, prepare, transport and deliver goods and raw materials in ways that respect the environment.

The company is a team where each member is important and has their place.

We are dedicated to promoting our profession by offering anyone who is interested and committed the opportunity to advance, grow and fulfill themselves.


Quality service that is reliable and respects the environment.


To exceed our limitations with continually improving service


Delphine André

Our environmental

Charles André Group has been working to reduce its emissions for many years. To do so, it is working on 5 axes :


1) Intermodal solutions: about 30% of GCA shipments are made by rail-road or river-road . That represents a CO2 saving of more than 300,000 tonnes per year.


2) Eco-driving and on-board computer training: Our 50  monitor follow the behaviour of our 4,700 drivers in Europe. They train them to reduce their fuel consumption. GCA devotes €4 million each year to the training of its employees, 15% of which is devoted to eco-driving training.


3)  Investing in cleaner energy:

- 200 LNG/CNG trucks,

- Electric delivery trucks, forklifts or concrete routers

- Hydrogen truck testing

In 20 years, the amount of particles emitted was been divided by 13 and fuel consumption reduced by 15%.

4) Solar panels: 110 hectares of GCA compounds are covered, enough to supply a city of 100,000 inhabitants with solar energy.

5) CO2 offsetting: more than 1000 trees planted, many biodiversity projects and short circuits.


GCA re-launches automotive logistics in Calais

Walon France, a subsidiary of GCA Automotive Logistics, has been present in Calais for 40 years. After 8 years of inactivity, its relaunch marks a major turning point in the regional and national logistics landscape.