Safran Transmission Systems

Gains in quality, costs and lead times


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About the customer

A specialist in power transmissions and management to deliver the necessary mechanical energy to engine accessories or aircraft.


Its engine manufacturers: Snecma, Rolls-Royce, General Electric.


Its aircraft customers: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Eurocopter and Gulfstream.


The challenge: A progress approach, based on a logistics process simplification policy and a search for efficiency via “lean” and “six sigma” methodology.


Specifics of the equipment managed:
Standard products purchased such as: screws and bolts, fastenings, seals, plastic plugs, etc. – rough castings, parts, production tools, general purchased equipment, products contained in drums or cans, raw materials, semi-finished / finished products (casings, sprockets, original equipment power transmission equipment, testing equipment, tools).


Onsite logistics services:
Service covering receiving, inspection of products purchased and rough castings on receipt with management of the quarantine and inspection-in-process warehouse, management of inter-operation and shuttle packing, internal approach with traceability (pickup and drop off stations), conditioning and packing, shipment and steering of transport (“known consignor” procedure).


Specific training and accreditation:

  • Airfreight security – known consignor procedure ( access to secure identifiable airfreight, 11.2.2.: basic Civil Aviation security training, 11.2.4. and 11.2.5.: security administrator
    and supervisor)
  • Safety: risk prevention linked to physical activity (movements and posture)
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Areas of continuous progress

Progress plan objectives: quality, cost and lead time gains.



  • Identification of the scope
  • Lean approach for the project team
  • Action plan shared with the customer


Action taken via the action plan:

  • Relocation of receiving & shipment zones (known consignor)
  • 5S operation
  • Implementation of TRACKING (receiving and internal approach)
  • Implementation of SOFROAD (steering of transport)
  • Setup of a disputes module with workflow to reduce the lead time for dealing with disputes
  • Transport plan upgrade
  • Optimisation study for RSC packing
  • Operator versatility
  • Pooling of work stages


  • Fluidity of flows
  • Flow traceability with barcodes
  • Optimisation of packing (ongoing area: web catalogue for packing case orders)
  • Annual carbon report for receiving
  • 10% gains on transport in accounts for the first six months
  • Improvement in performance indicators.