Chantiers de l’Atlantique

Optimise cycles with traceability gains


Example of Chantiers de l’Atlantique

Cas client STX Europe

About the customer

Civil and military shipbuilding.


100-hectare site


The challenges:

Working in a situation presenting major risks in terms of:

  • The size of the work site and constant evolution
  • Products (dangerous, small, heavy, voluminous)
  • Joint activity
  • Handling vehicles (cranes, elevating platforms, forklift trucks, etc.)
  • Crossover of activities and flows (horizontally and vertically)

Adapting resources to the load on a continuous flow basis to keep the production tool moving, managing authorisations, knowledge and application of site and workpost safety rules.


The resources:

Handling equipment tailored to the services: tower crane, crane on wheels, IS for traceability, planning of lifting operations, monitoring of action on a collaborative platform (anomalies, preventive and corrective action, document management, etc.).



  • Taking over products before boarding
  • Boarding up to the handling location anywhere on the site and in the ship
  • Managing of boarding resources: freight elevators, lifts, cranes, telescopic trucks.



Quality assurance plan, procedures, prevention plan, safety inspection, HSE book, internal audits, information sheets, management of accident near-misses, etc.

Areas of continuous progress

File invariants:

  • High co-activity, lack of forecasts.


Progress plan objectives:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Optimise cycles
  • Gain in traceability



  • Lean approach
  • Shared timing
  • Action plan shared with the customer


Action taken via the action plan:

  • Setup of a safety approach: audits on lifting issues, specific zoning for manoeuvring, identification of manoeuvre supervisors, etc.
  • Permanent optimisation of paths through the ship
  • Scheduling of boarding
  • Upgrade of transport vehicles


  • Increase in operator safety
  • Reduction of procedures