Autaa Group joins GCA


The Charles André Group has acquired a majority stake in Autaa, a company specialized in heavy lifting, handling heavy loads, exceptional transport, personnel lifting, industrial transfers and storage.

Guy Autaa and his wife Claudine founded Autaa in 1964, near the French city of Pau. Their sons Lionel and Marcel took over the company in the 1990s. They expanded the network and diversified the business, extending its handling, lifting and heavy transport activities to the national level.

The Autaa Group currently employs 350 people at 10 operational sites in France. In 2022, Autaa achieved a sales revenue of almost 64 million euros, 70% of which came from heavy lifting activities, making it one of the French leaders in this market.

Autaa has a recent fleet of 120 mobile and lattice cranes with capacities ranging from 30 to 750 tonnes, as well as 40 truck-mounted crane arms, spread across all its branches. The company also has a fleet of 120 tractor units for conventional transport (tautliners, flatbeds, tankers, tippers, car lorries), exceptional transport and the transport of hazardous materials.

GCA continues to develop its commercial offering by creating a new division, “GCA Levage et Transport exceptionnel”. This division is headed by Éric Grimaldi. Lionel Autaa is in charge of the division's sales and development. Marcel Autaa is responsible for technical and operational support, particularly in the field of exceptional transport.

GCA's global revenue should to reach €1.6 billion by the end of 2023, with more than 10,000 employees in 15 countries.

Statement by Lionel and Marcel AUTAA :

"In 50 years, Autaa has succeeded in extending its influence throughout France, while remaining true to its entrepreneurial spirit and customer service culture. We share the same values as the Charles André Group and a common vision of the future. As leaders of the Autaa Group, we are particularly excited about the new prospects for growth that are opening up for all the Group's activities and for our employees.

Statement by Delphine ANDRÉ :

"GCA is continuing to expand its logistics services and is increasing its area of expertise in order to offer its customers an integrated logistics offering that is ever more reliable and efficient. For its part, Autaa will now be able to draw on the GCA network and its customer portfolio to accelerate its development.

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