Working with main aerospace players, GCA Supply 4 Industry is a recognized supplyer with a strong know-how

  • Adapted and scalable solutions for managing your aeronautical supply chain

  • Logistic services in our warehouses, or directly at your factories or airports (in-situ)

  • Upstream and downstream assistance with your logistics, manufacturing and packaging activity

  • Performance managedt with customised digital solutions

  • Recognized expertise in the engineering, design and transport of packaging for your sensitive parts

  • Up to date training for 1,300 employees at the heart of our solutions  
  • Recognised expertise in change management and digital transformation for greater industrial strength and resilience

5  Millions

order lines served/year

Our teams work on the assembly lines of our customers

1.5  Million

lines received/year

We receive, check and approve parts, their specifications are entered into the IT system to be stored or sent to the assembly line. 

1.6  Million

pieces packed / year

These are parts that require special protective packaging that we prepare for handling and transport.
We currently manage 1,3 Million product references.

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aiports supplied with kerosene

Thanks to our fleet (tractors, tanks, porters) and our trained drivers