Construction and minerals

With a global approach to the construction sector, GCA is your site partner

  • A network of 50 specialised subsidiaries in 11 countries

  • An owned fleet suitable for your transport of aggregates (sand, gavars), bitumen, minerals (cement, salt) or construction materials (crane support trailers)

  • Ready-to-use concrete expert with over 100 concrete pumps and 500 owned mixers

  • A network of integrated maintenance workshops

  • Up to date training for 5,140 employees at the heart of our solutions, adapting to the fluctuations of the construction business

  • Customized multimodal solutions for transporting your materials by rail or barge

  • Our team of experts will assist you in the coordination of your major projects (motorway repairs, Grand Paris project...).

  • Dedicated solutions: public transport, rental of vehicles with drivers, rental of specific equipment, transport organization cells, auxiliary storage, engineering of your flows...



For your construction sites, suitable for transporting aggregates


Concrete mixers

For ready-to-use concrete transport


concrete pumps

These trucks make it possible to pour concrete in areas that cannot be accessed by  usual means


powder bulk-tanks

In tankers adapted to the transport of minerals (flat, tilting, suction tanks)