For more than 88 years, GCA has mastered the operational and seasonal requirements involved in the transport, storage and distribution of bulk or bottled fuels and gases.

  • Nearly 100 locations in Europe specialising in the transport or logistics of energy products

  • The day-to-day supply of industrial, private, marine, aviation or service stations by local subsidiaries

  • Own fleet of specialized equipment to transport your fuel, fuel oil, biofuel, lubricant, LPG, LNG, air gases and industrial gases

  • A network of integrated maintenance workshops

  • Up to date training for 5,140 employees at the heart of our ability to manage the risks involved in dangerous materials

  • Customized multimodal solutions for transporting your products by rail or barge 

  • Dedicated solutions: public transport, rental of vehicles with drivers, rental of specific equipment, transport organization cells, auxiliary storage, engineering of your flows...

More than


service stations supplied

As well as 50 airports supplied with kerosene


deliveries of fuel oil per year

We have LNE approval to intervene on measuring instruments (volumeters) and deliver to private individuals


semi-trailers for measured


A fleet of LNG containers to handle delivery by rail or river

More than


bitumen tanks

But also 65 heatable containers.
The equivalent of 25,000 km of asphalt pavement transported annually in Europe