GCA has the necessary authorisations and certifications for the transport of waste

  • A network of 50 specialised subsidiaries in 11 countries

  • Recognized expertise in pumping and transporting your hazardous or non-dangerous liquid waste to disposal centres, as well as transporting solid or powdery waste

  • Our own fleet of vehicles adapted to your waste transport needs: 1,000 tanks, 100 trailers with moving floor, 50 Ampliroll trucks, 400 dumpsters or tautliners

  • A network of integrated maintenance workshops

  • Up to date training for 5,400 employees at the heart of our ability to manage the risks involved in dangerous materials

  • Multimodal solutions by rail or barge 

  • A complete tailor-made logistics solution: domestic or cross-border transport, the provision of liquid waste storage units with spill containment, the storage of packaged hazardous waste and rented collection vehicles with drivers.



For transporting your liquid or powdery waste


sliding floor trailers

Mainly used for the transport of bulky goods in agriculture, wood and recycling industry


Ampiroll or multi-tipper trucks

The ampliroll has a hooked arm that permits the operator to roll on and roll off different truck bodies as needed



For all types of mineral waste, rubble, soil, etc.