Food and bevarage

Since 80 years we are specialized in ambient bulk transport or temperature-controlled food products

  • Strict compliance with health and regulatory requirements followed by our QHSE team

  • A network of 50 specialised subsidiaries in 11 countries

  • An owned fleet of more than 450 food containers (single or multi-tank)

  • An expert in the transport of liquid food products such as alcohols and spirits (ADR), fruit juices and softs, liquid sugars, oils and fats

  • A specialised fleet for the transport of dry food products (powder, cereals)

  • Multimodal solutions by road/rail/sea or river to transport your goods reliably and sustainably

  • Temperature monitoring thanks to tailor-made digital solutions

  • The training of 5,140 employees at the heart of our solutions

  • A cleaning network of ETFCO food certified washing stations to meet the requirements of each product and each customer

More than


Food tank containers

Single or multi tank trailers according to your needs


powder food tanks

For the transport of your dry food products in bulk


ETCO food cleaning stations

Located in France (Lavanord, Lavaouest, Lavaseine,Lavasud) and Spain (Lacisa)

Capacity up to



Tank containers from 24,000 to 35,000 litres