Our History

1932, the Company was created

After studying mechanics, completing his apprenticeship and his military service, Charles André returned to Vallon-Pont d'Arc to work with his father who owned a cycle shop. He became an agent for Peugeot and set up a garage with an Esso fuel depot, which was supplied by rail at the time. This was when he had the idea of collecting fuel directly from the refineries. He went ahead and bought his first truck. This was the birth of Transports Charles André.

In 1952, the company "S.A. Ets Charles André" moved to Montélimar

In 1939 Charles André owned 4 trucks. With the outbreak of war he joined the resistance. During the liberation his idea of transporting petrol products got a real boost. In 1951, the company became the S.A. of Charles André Establishments.  It moved to Montélimar, in the heart of the Rhône Valley.

In 1966, the first branches opened

Trade developed and so did the business along with an increase in the transport of chemicals and petrol. In response, GCA opened 5 branches in France (Lyon, Strasbourg, Marseille, Tarbes and Le Havre). In 1954 the company had 50 trucks and 50 employees. In 1974, it had more than 850 employees and had become a leading French transport company.

In 1972, Charles-Pierre André took over from his father

Charles-Pierre André became the head of the company. He widened the range of its activities to include combined transport, the transport of non-hazardous material and logistics. In 1980, through acquisitions and organic growth, the business had grown to 13 companies with 1,535 employees.  In 1981, it expanded into the Netherlands, England and Germany.

1985, A modern HQ to reflect GCA's image

The staff of the holding company in Montélimar left the old office on the 'road to Marseille' and moved into a brand new building next to its subsidiary Sotrimo.  This is still GCA's headquarters.  1986 was to be a sad year with the death of its founding president, Charles André, who left behind him the memory of an entrenpreneur with a big heart.

In 1987, GCA diversified into automotive logistics

GCA acquired TEA, a company which dealt with the storage, transport, handling and preparation of motor vehicles and already owned 4 sites in France.

1988, first cleaning stations

With the surge in the transport of food products and chemicals came the need to wash out the tanks between each load.  In those days waste fluids from the washing process were often just poured away.  GCA was one of the first to invest in the means to treat these effluents. The Lavasud, Lavaouest, Lavaest and Lavanord cleaning stations were then created in response to demand. Presently there are 16 cleaning stations in our network.

1991, the death of a great entrepreneur

Charles-Pierre André died accidentally and left behind a prosperous and well-established company which employs over 2,800 people with 46 subsidiaries in France and 9 subsidiaries in Europe. His brother Jacques André became President of the group, he would continue his career with the board of directors. In 1999, Jean-Christophe Pic took over as President.

In 2002, Delphine André took over the management of GCA

The founder’s granddaughter, a business law graduate, took charge of GCA in 2002 after buying back shares from her uncle and sisters. At that time GCA employed 5,800 people and had a turnover of 640 Million euros.

Continued growth and an expanded range of services

GCA strengthened its existing expertise with several acquisitions:  Vache (2003), Citaix (2004), Cresdils Gasdon (2005), Transports Baudron (2006), Transeuro (2008). The company also took on a new activity, the management and distribution of automotive spare parts with Striebig in 2007.

2013, Walon France and Novatrans joined GCA

GCA Logistique Automobile acquired Walon France in 2013, thus adding 9 more sites to its European network.
Already recognized in multimodal transport, GCA became a heavyweight in Combined Transport Operations with the acquition of Novatrans in the same year.

In 2017, Combined Transport grew to include river transport

Greenmodal Transport, the river specialist, joined our combined transport business to create a European transport network, greatly expanded by rail and river. GCA invests regularly in multimodal which improves the productivity of the entire supply chain and reduces the environmental impact.

2018, birth of GCA SUPPLY 4 Industry

GCA invested in industrial logistics with the purchase of Soflog, which now has 34 sites and 20 in-situ customer offices.  So bringing another 1,500 employees to GCA to strenthen our storage and logistics know, along with the manufacture of custom-made packaging.