Combined Transport Operator

Combined and sustainable transport solutions across Europe using Rail, River and Road

  • An optimised transport network that connects major European cities daily

  • Loading and unloading your units (containers, swap bodies, tanks, etc.)

  • Our own network of 7 connected combined terminals open to all carriers

  • Regular river departures using our 7 barges on the Seine and the Rhône

  • Door-to-door inland solutions for freight forwarders and shipping companies

  • EDI, booking and online tracking (track & trace) available for all services

  • Expertise in customs simplification (AEO certified)

  • Up to date training for 200 employees at the heart of our solutions

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 85% on average

  • A global approach to your flows with a dedicated contact person


tonnes of CO2 saved/year

On average, the CO2 emissions of a train is equivalent to 45 trucks, those of a barge is equivalent to 125 trucks


ITUs transported/ year

Equals 447,000 TEUs


Trains In Europe

To connect the main European cities and countries on a daily basis, such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille/Fos, Rotterdam, Benelux, Scandinavia, UK, Northern Italy, Germany


River trips/year

Our 7 self operating barges serve the inland ports of Gennevilliers, Lyon and Mâcon and the sea ports of Rouen, Fos and Le Havre,  a transport network that covers 750 km of waterways in France.