Industrial logistics

GCA Supply 4 Industry and GCA Logistics offer you tailor-made solutions to optimise and strengthen your supply chain upstream and downstream of your production.

With a presence in 70 strategically located warehouses and an impressive capacity of nearly 1 million square feet of covered storage space, GCA offers an unrivalled response to your logistics needs. Our industry-leading expertise in the storage of hazardous materials or sensitive products ensures safety and compliance, while our bespoke digital solutions enable you to accurately manage the performance of your supply chain. GCA can help your business with change management and digital transformation, strengthening your competitiveness and industrial resilience.

You can rely on our teams, renowned for their expertise in organising road and multimodal transport, receiving, handling, clocking in and out, quality control, packing, bulk or rack storage, order preparation, spare parts management, etc. From engineering to manufacturing, our teams also create the right packaging for your fragile parts, ensuring your products are protected throughout their journey.



Specialized in logistics, manufacturing, packaging or engineering



Including GCA sites and in-situ locations (customers')


square meters of storage

Storage of packaged products including 3 sites classified as Seveso for the storage of sensitive materials


cubic meters of storage in silos

For storage of your bulk products and their packaging, in bags or big bags


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