For more than 80 years, GCA has been transporting, storing and handling chemicals of all classes

  • Nearly 100 locations in Europe specialising in bulk or packaged chemical transport or logistics

  • Door-to-door or in-situ solutions at your own industrial sites

  • An own fleet of 1,000 road tankers and 4,000 containers suitable for the transport of chemicals

  • A network of integrated maintenance workshops

  • Up to date training for 5,140 employees at the heart of our solutions in the management of sensitive products

  • Customized and sustainable multimodal solutions for transport of products by rail or barge

  • A network of 16 GCA cleaning stations for your industrial containers and tankers                                  

  • Dedicated solutions: public transport, rental of vehicles with drivers, rental of specific equipment, transport organization cells, auxiliary storage, designing your flows...


road tankers

Own fleet specific to chemical transport



Isotanks or swap bodies

Located in

15 countries

France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland

4.6 Millions

tonnes transported /year

70 Millions kilometres travelled per year