QHSSE Policy


Challenges and goals

GCA's ambition is to provide efficient and innovative solutions to its customers, respecting safety, people, property and the environment.
To do this, the company trains its staff and raises awareness all down the line. For it is the involvement, vigilance and desire for continuous improvement of each individual that will help us achieve our goal.

Health, Safety, Security

Strive towards "zero accidents", by recording, analysing and implementing preventive or corrective actions.

•    Apply "zero" tolerance policy to alcohol and drugs.
•    Make sure we follow the laws and regulations that apply to our activities.
•    Provide, in cooperation with all staff, the training, accreditation, material, PPE and corrective feedback needed for risk prevention.
•    Motivate positive change using rewards and sanctions

Quality of our services

To know and understand the needs of our customers.

•    Make them simple and easy to understand
•    Train our staff to understand them and GCA's procedures.
•    Manage the service quality of our subcontractors and suppliers

Sustainable development

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants through 5 core values:

  • Eco-driving,
  • Compensate for greenhouse gas emissions (photovoltaic panels, planting trees ... ).
  • The development of multimodal rail-road and barge-road transport services,
  • A fleet of greener vehicles (LNG, hydrogen, electric), and innovative technical solutions (on­board computers, tyres, virtual reality ... ),
  • Promote individual initiatives to reduce carbon footprint.

Corporate and Social responsibility

Promote equal opportunities and respect human-rights.

•     Implement an HR policy that encourages retention and loyalty among our staff.
•     Treat each of our business relationships fairly and transparently in order to protect all parties against fraudulent or unfair practices.